Index 100 Backlinks With Google Approved Method for $10

I have spent countless amounts of money on link building, to find out that roughly 60-75% of the backlinks that I had obtained were never even indexed by Google. I tried using ping services to speed the process along. I tried, I tried, I tried. And nothing ever worked. Or, even worse, those ping services would add spam links to my website which would degrade the overall link quality and trust value. Until, I discovered something else. I am offering a premium Google Indexing service that is 100% White Hat and approved by Google for getting your backlinks indexed in days and not months. No, I don’t use Ping services or any of those other websites that have been obsolete for the last couple of years. Within 3 days of submitting your backlinks to our premium service, typically 50% or more will be indexed by Google. No, I will not submit 1000 links at one time or even all at once. I will slowly submit 20 to 40 backlinks per day over a 3 to 5 day period so that they will be running in parallel with each other. If you have a large quantity of backlinks, or are trying to rank with keywords that you already have the backlinks for, please contact me first before ordering and don’t place multiple orders expecting that I will submit them all at the same time. If you are not sure whether your website is indexed by Google, please check so before ordering. This is for getting your backlinks indexed by Google.

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