I will bring maximum results from Facebook Ads and Optimise the Campaigns for $20

Being an owner of a Facebook Ads Agency that has served more than 100 business owners/entrepreneurs of all industries around the world. My expertise relies on Facebook/Instagram Ads, Lead-generation, and E-commerce.

I have invested millions in Facebook Ads and have gained a deep and thorough knowledge about the marketing platform, which has already helped me and 100+ business owners to get the desired results.
Learn about Ads, Strategy, Optimisation, Bidding, Budgeting, Scaling, Ad-sets, Creatives.
I can help you with :

Lead Generation / Conversion Campaigns.
Identifying Audience and Targeting. Setting Up Facebook Ads Account, Pixel, Business Manager. Pixel Errors Resolve and Events Setup. Retargeting Ads Creatives/Copy/Image Ads/ Video Ads Landing Page Optimisation and Website Optimisations Along with

✔ Verify the domain and business.

✔ Setup and measure high-quality aggregated events on the account.

✔ Change the pixel installation method according to IOS changes.

✔ Provide a free audit of the ad account.

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