Master Digital Marketing Strategy, SEO, Advertising, Social Media Marketing... for $30

earn Digital Marketing (12 Courses in 1)What you'll learn ? Learn Digital Marketing (12 Courses in 1)

Work From Home as a Digital Marketing Manager Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing Tools Make Money Online and Reduce Your Costs Master All Important Aspects of Digital Marketing – Quick and Easy Way Analyze Digital Data and Make Informed Decisions Track Behavior of Your Website Visitors Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool and Use it to Your Advantage Automate Sales and Marketing Tasks to Save Time and Increase Efficiency Social Media Marketing Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Display Advertising Best Practices Be Higher in Google Search Results SEO (search engine optimization) Ranking Factors SEO Tools Advertising in Search (PPC, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads) Write Articles That Sale (Content Marketing & Copywriting) Maximize Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Video Marketing on YouTube and Other Platforms Mobile Marketing Working Strategies  

If you ever wanted to learn digital marketing but didn't know where to start, how to find a time for it, or whether you will be able to do that, you're in the right place. This course is easy to understand and you can use presented techniques right away with great success. I cut the essence out of the 100 hours course and squeezed it into a very efficient learning experience.
Value your time, so only important things are kept. I removed
theoretical only concepts, unnecessary digressions, and stuff that is
not working, with little to no influence on the results of your digital
marketing. I divided the course into 12 chapters/segments:

1) Digital analytics

2) Customer relationship management

3) Email marketing

4) Digital marketing automation

5) SEO – search engine optimization

6) Search engine advertising

7) Content marketing

8) Social media marketing

9) Social media advertising

10) Display advertising

11) Video marketing and advertising

Who this course is for?
People who want to master digital marketing as soon as possible People who want to transition from traditional to digital marketing Who want to increase sales and the return of their advertising investment People who are interested in running their own digital marketing agency People who want to have a possibility to work from home Who wants to have a successful career and be prepared for the future

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