Make money when you sleeping - Gaming app - Admob Monetization for $18

We will provide you mobile gaming app. From the Gaming app you can make money by admob ad monetization. We will provide you racing game so that you can get app user more quickly.

Every month millions of dollar invested in this niches. You can make money when you are sleeping. Sounds unreal, is not it? Go to Google and search about this. How much I can income from a simple gaming app?

****Buy one get 2 more app free!!! Limited time offer!!

Adsense or Admob ?
Both are same. Adsense and Admob provided by Google. Adsense mainly for web device and Admob mainly for mobile device.

How much I can earn?
You can earn 20$-100$ per day if you get 1000-10,000 app user day. You can advertise your app on the groups to get app users.

How can withdrew?
You can withdrew by Google adsense.

Note: You have to publish your app on the Google app Store. We can help about it. See the extra.

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