Make Awesome Motion Graphics in After Effects & Illustrator for $30

Become a Motion Graphics designer in After Effects. Learn top techniques to start your career as a Motion Graphics artist make Awesome Motion Graphics in After Effects & Illustrator

What you'll learn? Download all project files and start creating your first Motion Graphics project Understand the basics of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe After Effects Master important tools for graphic design step-by-step Import and animate Illustrator graphic designs in After Effects Render final project
In the "Motion Graphics: Make Awesome Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects & Adobe Illustrator" course, we're gonna create amazing Motion Graphics together from
scratch and so you don't need any prior knowledge in these programs to
follow along with this course.

Learn Motion Graphics STEP-BY-STEP, so even if you've never opened these programs before you can follow me up and you
will see how easy is it to create awesome animations quickly.


You can immediately DOWNLOAD all project files and you can learn by doing and you'll follow along and work on your own
project while learning. In this course, we'll create our 3d animation
and as you know this is a popular style of animation you can see in
television, movies, video presentations, commercials, … and so on.

Who this course is for? Anyone who loves to learn how to create motion graphics using after effects & illustrato
Language: English
Size : 1.1 GB

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