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????‍♂ Hi, my name is Ruhul Amin and I'm here to help you with all aspects and any difficulties of SEO. I have 1+ years of experience. I've started working in the digital marketing niche as a project manager and now I’m a full-stack SEO expert. Within this almost 1 year, I executed SEO for 5+ projects and there were big and small sites. These works consisted of complex ongoing SEO and specific challenges like keywords research, backlink building, on-page optimization, audits, etc. In total, 80% of all the jobs I had have completed successfully. Also, if we are talking about long-term projects, I helped my clients to enhance organic traffic performance an average of 350% within the year.

???? Advantages

What sets me apart from the other specialists?

– I always create progress reports. So, even if you decide to pause the project and then proceed with another SEO freelancer, you can always show the reports and specialists can review all the history of the project with comments.

– After project services. It means, if I completed a short-term or long-term task, you can always count on my consultancy.

– I've got lots of connections with copywriters specializing in different niches. I have an in with experienced developers in WP, JS… (Thanks to my strong experience, I can implement some of the recommendations). Also, there is a strong database with the sites to outreach (I prefer to call them donors) in different niches and locations in my spreadsheets.

– Even though I'm just an SEO specialist (not an agency), I still have access to such paid tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Keyword tool, SEO Screaming Frog, NetPeak Spider, NetPeak Checker, Keycollector, Serpstat, Key Assort, Checktrust, Topvisor, etc to enhance your SEO performance.

???? Approach

???? In my opinion, every project must be analyzed at the very first stage to determine the causes of problems encountered and their solutions or to determine the strategy and actions to take for the new site to overtake competitors in the SERP race. I always ask my customers and potential clients to provide me all the info they have about the previous SEO experience (if any) and the project at all. The most significant data I need to analyze the project are site, competitors, location of the promotion (GEO), and the final goal of search engine optimization. Once I have all of these, I ask to give a few days for analysis and then I come up with my ideas and strategies of how to reach clients' aims. So then, I leverage all my experience, reveal connections, and opportunities to promote the site.

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