Voice over, "LET ME MAKE YOUR WORDS HEARED" for $10

Record a voice-over in English with ( US/ UK) accent. Are you searching for a warm and deep voice over?

I would love to record
whatever you need me to, up to 100 words for $10!

every 100 words – 10$.
up to 200 words – 18$
up to 300 words – 27$
Use a voice artist for your Commercials, Narrations, Video Explainers, Animations, Cartoons, Whiteboards, Videos, Tutorials, Smartphone Apps, Audiobooks, Advertisements, and more!

I will fix any grammatical errors found in your script for FREE

And I can translate your script from English to Spanish or French, remember to purchase the gig-extra if you want it.

Send me a message if you have any questions, I’ll answer as fast as I can!

And don’t forget to “favorite” this gig and come back later when you’re ready to order!

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