Sell VPS/RDP Full Admin Windows,Linux,Centos,Ubuntu Spec 8 VCPU 64GB RAM 150 SSD For 30 Days for $25

RDP Specifications:[+] 8 VCPU 64GB RAM[+] Unlimited Data Transfer[+] 150GB SSD[+] Support Bot,Ipts,Jingling,hitleap,otohits,etc[+] Forbidden for Hacking, or Torrenting and other illegal acts.[+] Can request Linux Ubuntu/Centos[+] OS Windows Server 2010/2012/2016/2019[+] Can Request Server Location (US, EUROPE, AFRICA)One Week Active RDP (Suitable for high spec test)Full WarrantyRDP Dead before 1 week replace newCan RestartNOTES irectly Order Ads Show Always ReadyCan Request Custom CPU, RAM, HDD, SSDAll Data in RDP is temporary, please Backup to Cloud Storage / PC if the data is important and needed again for other purposes. We are not responsible if the forgotten data has not been backed up when the server has expired.F.A.Q ******************************Q. Ready?A. As long as there is a Ready post, please order directlyQ : Is this VPS/RDP legal?A: 100% legal, not the result of carding etc. made by myself.Q: How about the warranty?A: Full 1 week warranty if the VPS/RDP dies and does not violate the TOS.Q: Bro, is this safe for hitleap or IPTS?A: Safe,Q: What’s the OS?A : There is 2016, there is 10, there is 2012, there is 2008 and there is win 7

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