I will do google news approval on your domain in 10 days for $10

Hi i will approve google News On your Domain or Website in less then 10 days.

Benefit Of Google News Approval

if your domain approved on google news then your article index fast and you can get a lot of traffic form google news trending and traffic is also Depend on your news and content. Great Benefit is Fast Indexing.

fast indexing in google news app and news.google.com increase In Traffic (depend on your Content ) Appear Site in google News app Fell Free To contact I will Do in 7 to 10 days

And Please contact me before placing Order

important note

In December 2019 google updated its news policies now google separated Google news from the news tab on Google search. This Gig gets your site into the news.google.com and Google news app where you can have a following and community of readers in millions. now google will automatically fetch your site news tab if google detect your site is doing Good.

NOTE: Content is included, only Extras pack

for 100% hand-written manually content

i will do google news approval on your domain in 10 days

Best Regards

Zeyanshahzad SEO Expert

(: Contact Me Before Placing Order

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