I will do 1000 keyword+5 Competitors Analysis for $10

About This GigKeywords are the backbone of your Digital Existence. How can you grow your business or website without a solid foundation? Proper Seo Key word Research is necessary to survive and distinguish your digital existence. Are you looking for SEO keyword research? You are at the right place!

What you will get:

Hand-Picked Keywords & ⬇ keyword research Up to 1000 SEO OPTIMIZE Special Hidden GIFTS (Exclusive) Related Key-words + Phrase Match Key-words + Much More! Low Hanging Fruits! ???? Business Boosters Content Ideas (Blogs – GIFT) Long Tail Key-words Arranged according to Search Intent (Commercial, Informational, etc.) Avg. Searches per month Easy to rank on search engine Cost per click Competitiveness Top 12 Competitor Analysis (Their Detailed stats) Competitors key words | Gold Mine ???? Competitor Backlinks | Easy Opportunities

Why Choose Me?
Customer Satisfaction is my top priority!
Delivery in less than 24 hours 24/7 full online support Fast response on modification


Contact me on Fiverr for special requirements, Discount on bulk orders.

Feel Free to contact me before placing the order.

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